Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monique Péan Taps Muse Caroline Issa For New Campaign

Jewelry designer Monique Péan has an interesting muse for her new collection, Caroline Issa, {Tank magazine's publisher and fashion director} who is also now the face of Péan's Sut'ana campaign.

Photo: Monique Péan

The jeweler spoke very highly of the whimsical editor, saying, "Caroline is extremely intelligent, beautiful, and stylish. She was the first person who came to my mind when I was thinking about the perfect muse for the collection. I’m consistently inspired by her point of view at Tank and she’s a global citizen with a culturally diverse background that reflects the way that I try to incorporate distinct materials, craftsmanship, and philosophies from an array of locations and communities from around the world."

Issa's beauty is a perfect match to Péan's equally eye-catching, eco-friendly, pieces. All of Péan's work is handmade in NYC, and sourced globally with local communities and artisans bringing an element of uniqueness and individuality in a time when it seems like everyone has the same statement pieces.


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