Monday, December 5, 2011

My tobi Wish list

Are you familiar with tobi??  tobi is another great online shop! 

As you can tell, I do alot of online shopping...why you ask?  Because that is where you get some of the best items and deals that most don't know about.  You can splurge a bit or really pull off a great look with under $100!

Right now tobi has a a great sale going on for the women's department!  

Fresh, unique, and fun styles direct from the designer to you.
30% off most items for the first 7 days only.
New styles are posted constantly, so visit us everyday.

I picked out some pieces I have my eye on, and made a wish list for these great deals!

Cotton Candy Silver Button Coat    $86 $60

Mine Omaha Open Cardigan    $40 $28

Kerisma Cross-Ribbed Sweater Top    $78 $54

Pola Striation Necklace    $20 $14

Joia Cheyenne Knit Tote    $68 $47

Joia Mamba Belt    $16 $11

Umgee Contrast Sleeve Trench Coat    $90 $63

Symphony One Sleeve Cheetah Dress    $39 $27

mono B Grey Maxi Skirt    $32 $22

Honey Punch Oversized Cotton Cardigan   $35 $24

See You Monday Party Rock Aztec Leggings    $30 $21
Time to shop!!!

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